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Book - AIDS: What the Discoverers of HIV Never Admitted by Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

AIDS: Discoveries Never Admitted


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    AIDS: What the Discoverers of HIV Never Admitted. Is AIDS really caused by a virus? By Lawrence Broxmeyer, M. D. Once upon a time, a small group of politically powerful scientists rammed a flawed theory on the origin and cause of AIDS down America’s and then the world’s throat.

    Yet we are still led to believe that we are fortunate that retroviruses, only discovered in the 1970’s, were uncovered just in time to label them the culprit in the killer AIDS epidemic; lucky that two “HIVs” were discovered in rapid succession and the technology and theory to link AIDS to the HIV retrovirus was fully in place, for the first time in history, only a few years prior to the recognition of the AIDS epidemic. Lucky? As the 20th anniversary of the first reported AIDS cases passes us by, AIDS has infected nearly 60 million people of which almost 22, including nearly half a million Americans, have died.  Yet the prospects for a cure or vaccine are as remote as they were two decades ago. And although it is currently difficult to find anyone who openly questions HIV as the cause of AIDS, a fast growing number express their doubts privately.

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