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Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse


Your liver is one of your body’s main filters for detoxification, and it also works hard to make bile for fat digestion, break down hormones, and store certain nutrients. As blood carries nutrients and wastes through the body, your liver breaks down toxic substances that come from the diet, the environment, and also from skin absorption.

Every day your body is being polluted by harmful chemicals and what your body doesn’t eliminate ends up getting stored in your body, including inside the liver. An overwhelmed liver with lost functionality contributes to systemic toxicity and the formation of the liver and gallbladder stones that interfere with digestive health.

Performing a periodic liver cleanse can help to lighten the daily load placed on your liver and restore its vitality. Liver cleansing enhances digestion, helps to balance lipid profiles, and boosts energy. Using supportive herbs nourishes the liver and promotes detoxification while Dr. Clark's gallbladder “flush” protocol carries away purged toxins and stones. When combined, these steps help to cleanse the gallbladder as well.

These organs work together to digest fats and keep your cholesterol levels in check.

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